Why a Body Camera is an Effective Technology for the Police

The use of a body camera has become one of the important parts of any policeman’s kit today. The past few years have seen a rise in the use of body cameras for the police and private security forces.

However, the great number of gathered data from a body camera poses technological issues with the police forces. Yet, the benefits provided by a body camera to the public and officers outweigh the technological hurdles it brings.


Benefits of a Body Camera


The use of the body camera by police officers is seen as a technology that is here to stay. This piece of technology is seen as one of the best ways to boost the lives of professionals and private citizens in all industrial fields. Using a body camera is especially crucial for public safety and law enforcement officers.

The use of a body camera boosts accountability

Accountability is the important reason for law enforcement personnel to wear body cameras. It has been found by a research study that accountability is the reason both the public and the police support the use of body cameras. Everyone is held accountable for any interactions between the public and the police with a body camera.

The use of a body camera is a win-win situation for the public against any police misconduct. In the same manner, the police are also protected from false abuse accusations by a body camera.

An impartial eyewitness to any situation

Third-party witnesses often provide biased views of situations. The chronological order of events is not always remembered by many people. Witnesses often give conflicting statements about what they have seen or heard. The human memory can only give details on what it understands and interprets.

This is why people often give different accounts of the same event. A body camera, on the other hand, is an impartial witness with a technology that provides a detailed chronological accuracy of the event as it unfolds.


Provide openness and transparency in every situation

Openness and transparency are provided by a body camera along with accountability. The public is allowed to see the exact sequence of the response of officers to an event or situation. Police officers become more aware of their behaviour in dealing with the public with a body camera recording their every move and action.


Courts allow pieces of evidence gathered by body cameras

Crime scenes and accidents recorded by body cameras have become admissible pieces of evidence in courts of law. Collecting evidence has become easier and more effective with help from a body camera. The importance of using a body camera becomes more evident when officers have to interview many people and going around crime or accident scenes.


Civilian conduct and officer performance improvement

Being watched makes people out on their best behaviour. The watchful eye of  personal body cameras backed by intuitive features makes the public and officers alike act appropriately. It has become a standard procedure today for officers to inform people that they are being recorded during encounters. Doing this helps not only to enhance law enforcement professional behaviour but also make the public act appropriately.

While using body cameras is fast gaining momentum among law enforcement industries, it all boils down to having the best type of body camera. The body camera is a piece of revolutionary technology that is meant to constantly evolve.