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Bruny Island Berry Farm is located at “Woodleigh”, a 12-hectare beachfront property at Adventure Bay on South Bruny Island.

The original neighbouring property “High Wood” has been passed down through the same family since settlement in 1880.  Kathryn and Graham and their son Peter, inherited from Kathryn's father Leigh, a 12-hectare lot (30 acres) and are continuing the traditional agricultural use of the land with a ‘pick your own’ berry farm offering historical, environmental and Visitor activities.

Our vision is to create an extraordinary and unforgettable Visitor experience that incorporates and promotes the historical and environmental features of the area through our various facilities, activities, interpretations and, the opportunity to pick fresh berries in a spectacular, natural environment.

It is the combination of local history, the natural environment and our passion for excellence in customer service that makes Bruny Island Berry farm a unique place to visit - see you soon! 

Your host - Graham O'Keefe and staff


Pick your own berries, enjoy delicious berry-based ice-creams, savour our pancakes or scones jam and cream with a real coffee. Indulge yourself with a strawberry champagne or a local wine. Relax and enjoy a barbecue or picnic, while you watch and listen for the local birds. Walk on the nearby beach or along the creek banks and exercise your photography skills or browse in our gift shop.

We operate 7 days a week,  10am - 5pm until late April  (we close for the Winter months).




Berry enclosure, designated walking paths, car and coach parking, barbecue and picnic areas, public toilet, baby change facilities, access for the disabled, first aid equipment and shaded areas.




There are a wide variety of berry fruits growing at the Farm. Strawberries are the main fruit available, either pick your own or ready-picked for your convenience. We have just over 7000 strawberry plants comprising eight different varieties to provide an extended fruiting period.





Sweet and succulent, strawberries are a great source of vitamin C and folate. Would you believe that despite their name, strawberries are not berries at all – they actually belong to the rose family. Strawberries are totally unique in that they are the only fruit with their seeds on the outside!





Raspberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and are at their peak from December to February. Raspberries are delicious but delicate so be careful not to squash them!






We are cultivating thornless blackberries to make them safer to pick, however their native cousins are an invasive plant that for years choked Resolution Creek and covered the banks surrounding the Farm. The berry itself is a cluster of tiny, juicy, purple-black beads, rich in vitamin C, E and folate.





The boysenberry is a cross between the loganberry, blackberry and raspberry, having been developed in the 1930s by a Californian horticulturist Rudolph Boysen. High in vitamin C and fibre, the berries are available through summer and early autumn.





Originating from North America and eastern Asia, blueberries belong to the Azalea family and require similar growing conditions. The thornless shrubs can be either evergreen or deciduous, vary from I m to 3 m in height, and can live for 30 years or more.





Youngberries were named after B.M.Young, a 20th century fruit grower. While they look very much like Boysenberries, they are actually a cross between a blackberry and a dewberry. Youngberries are a vigorous, trailing bramble with sweet, juicy, black-purple berries in Summer.





The Jostaberry is a cross between the black currant and gooseberry, but is more vigorous than either parent. It looks just like a gooseberry until it turns nearly black and ripens. The flavour is more like a black currant, although slightly milder, but berry size is larger. Jostaberries contain more vitamin C than gooseberries and are excellent for eating fresh or as jam, juice, wine, and in cordials..